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Goodman Technologies Mission:

At Goodman Technologies our mission is th help you solve your problems through creation of technology, application of experience and expertise, and empowering Master Coaching techniques.

Goodman Technologies LLC (GT) is a Small Business that performs Professional, Scientific, System Engineering, and Technical Services. GT provides Leading Edge and Value Added Solutions and Results Coaching that allows our customers to achieve their next Breakthrough! Our Multi-Disciplinary team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Industry and Academia uses a “Systems Engineering Point-of-View™” to arrive at Solutions that Manage, Mitigate and Balance Budgetary, Schedule and Technical Risks. GT’s Global Vendor Network which includes 3D and Additive Manufacturing in Polymers, Ceramics, Metals and Composites provides a Capability to Analyze, Design, Manufacture, Integrate and Test Complex System Level Products. Our business is to help solve your problems!


- Ph. D., Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA, 1995
- M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA, 1991
- B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 1982
- CEUs in Optics, Nuclear Hardening, and Directed Energy


  • FELLOW of International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
  • Chair and Editor for SPIE Proceedings on Material Technologies and Applications to Optics, Structures, Components, and Sub-Systems (I,II).
  • Symposia Leadership Committee 2006, Fellows Committee (2007-2009)
  • Co-Chair Greater Rio Grande Valley Section Chapter of SPIE, (2005-2007)
  • President New Mexico Optics Industry Association (2007-2008)
  • Former Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish® Foundation of New Mexico
  • Recipient of 2003 Schafer President’s Award and Bonus

    "...Dr. Goodmans leadership training played a significant role in my rapid rise...his coaching has been invaluable in running this company..."

    --Marc Jacoby | President

    "...an organized approach that is explained simply, a sense of confidence and humility that makes him enjoyable to work with and a keen sense or intuition that helps him " zone in" on how to apply his experience and training...I believe Dr.Goodman to be an excellent choice as a consultant or trainer for helping other professionals in improving and growing..."

    --Ron Sims | President

    "...as my life Coach for the majority of 2016, Dr. Goodman has provided a synergistic relationship to help me achieve my full potential as an engineering professional..."

    --Max Lopez | Vice President of Operations

    Dr. Goodman has made many contributions to the State-Of-The-Art: airborne SiC telescopes, space and nuclear survivable coatings and mirrors, lightweight mirrors for space and directed energy, seeker telescopes, deformable mirrors, fast steering mirrors, actively cooled mirrors/structures, windows for HELs, solar telescope mirrors, etc. His team of SMEs brings unparalleled experience to the table. As an example, Goodman Technologies can define the entire architecture from Ground Station to Space for a Satellite System, design and build the optical imaging system, and even supply a 3U nanosat. As another example we can outfit a UAS with various imaging systems and sensors and the data processing software.

    Dr. Goodman has proven expertise in research and development, business planning, marketing, commercialization plans, customer negotiation, and financial and technical risk mitigation. He is skilled in proposal writing and capture strategies, export control, and commodity jurisdictions. He has previously managed diverse engineering groups, including physicists, thermal and structural engineers, opto-mechanical engineers and information technology engineers. He has legacy experience in materials and manufacturing process development for optical systems, optical design and analysis, thin film coating design and coating chamber geometry and deposition, heat transfer and fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and structural design, rocket engine design, design and manufacture of numerous elements for high-energy laser components, airborne and space telescopes, etc.



    Phone: 505.400.8169

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